Regal Maritime Solutions security operatives are considered for recruitment into the company through personal recommendation and after a rigorous initial assessment of basic skills and background is made.

Each applicant must meet the following criteria as a minimum before they can be considered for operational deployment:

Stage 1 – Introduction
Proof Military service history in their native marine corps
CV including relevant skills for Maritime Security role
Aged between 21 and 50

Stage 2 – Certification / Qualification Investigation
Criminal Record Check
Proof of Commendable Military Service
Military Discharge Certificate
SSO Certificate
STCW95 (All four modules)
Weapons Competency Certificate (Received within the last year, showing use of 7.62 semi-auto weapon, shot at a distance of at least 300m, with clear scoring on the certificate)
Passport (with at least one year’s validity remaining)
Passport Size Photo in JPEG format
Seaman’s Book (with at least one year’s validity remaining)
ENG1 Seafarer’s Medical or equivalent
Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate
Psychometric Test
Drug and Alcohol Test
2 References from previous employers in relevant fields
Medical Training Certificate (Such as Tactical Combat Casualty Care Rescue, First Person on Scene or Basic Trauma Medical Certificate)

Stage 3 – Interview
Successful applicants will be interviewed to establish whether they are suitable to join the Regal Maritime Solutions family.

Stage 4 – Induction Training
The final stage will involve reading and studying RMS SOP’s, RUF’s, BMP4 Guidelines, Company Policies and Compliance Documents. The applicant will be tested on their knowledge by taking a number of RMS assessments.

If you are interested in joining the Regal Maritime Solutions team the please send your CV and covering letter to recruitment@regalmaritimesolutions.com.

Why RMS?


From the moment of joining our vessel, cooperation with the team leader and his team was conducted with the utmost professionalism.

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