Restrictions Implemented at Indian ports

Yesterday it was officially announced that the embarkation and disembarkation of security guards not of Indian origin has been suspended at all Indian ports until further notice.

This decision may have been actioned following the removal of two Indian Naval Ships from Calcutta Port after an alert of a possible terror strike that could damage the vessels was issued, as reported in the Indian Telegraph. It was also reported that the heightened level of caution has resulted from the Burdwan attack in October.

PMSCs must regularly work around changing laws and regulations and therefore should always be prepared to adapt. Regal Maritime Solutions have been keeping well-informed of the shifting Indian port regulations – as we do with all other industry changes – and have built up a pool of experienced security personnel of Indian nationality.

Our highly trained Indian Maritime Security personnel can offer our clients travelling to and from India the flexibility needed in order to guarantee a smooth transit, whilst adhering to the newly instated port regulations.