Regal Maritime Solutions operate in line with a formal quality management system and in 2013 gained certification to the internationally recognized UKAS ISO 9001:2008 status. Additionally, in 2015 Regal Maritime Solutions also attained UKAS ISO 28007-1:2015. Successful acquirement of these standards is a positive indication that Regal Maritime Solutions is a maritime security partner you can trust.

The company is also an accredited Stage 1 member of the Security Association of the Maritime Industry (SAMI), identifying Regal Maritime Solutions as an organisation of reliability and quality.

Regal Maritime Solutions has extensive knowledge and experience of the requirements for operating legally in countries worldwide with firearms. The company has worked to obtain agreements to provide services on board vessels under the jurisdiction of many flag states.

Regal Maritime Solutions also places an intense focus on internal operations and policies, ensuring that the company operates in a structured, efficient and ethical way at all times.

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